Portabl x Mastercard: Start Path Open Banking 2024

Portabl x Mastercard: Start Path Open Banking 2024

🎉 We’re joining Mastercard Start Path! 🎉

We're thrilled to announce our participation in the Mastercard Start Path Open Banking Program.

Portabl is the first #reusableidentity platform to take part—we’re excited by the opportunity to share our approach with Mastercard’s global network of banks, merchants and digital partners around the world.

Mastercard launched the Start Path Open Banking global program in 2022 to team up with #openbanking and payments startups, support their growth, and co-innovate on experiences to enable #financialaccess and consumer choice.
What’s clear in the year ahead is that #identity and #payments are on a collision course.

There is a glaring and urgent need to solve for reusable ID to fight fraud, stop “double KYC” spend within embedded banking/payments, and make customer onboarding simpler, safer, and easier. Getting reusable ID right lets us connect the dots between identity and payments in new ways that make things like verify-by-bank, pay-by-bank, and account funding seamless.

Today’s milestone is a major vote of confidence in our approach to reusable #KYC based on #verifiablecredentials and other standards set by the W3C and DIF. We’re excited to collaborate with the open banking and identity teams, so stay on the the lookout for more over the coming months!